Pet Portrait Canvas

Pet Portrait Canvas


  • $45.00

The Laser engraved Pet Portrait Canvases will honor those fur balls that have our hearts for years to come!

Available in 12x12 inch and 11x14 inch canvases.  

Directions for emailing Pet Portraits:
  • After you order on the website, take a picture of your pet, by itself (no group pictures)
  • In bright natural light, with a solid colored wall (white if possible) behind the pet.  Best with no distractions or patterns behind the pet.  
  • Pet facing forward and sitting
  • In the email, also include the Pets Name, phrase or wording you want on your T-shirt along with your order number
  • email picture to
    In a case where you are unable to capture an image as requested, (your pet has passed away or it is a gift and you don't have access to the pet), please try and choose a picture with good lighting and minimal background patterns.  We will do our best to make it work.

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