Who We Are

As I started B&B Design Girls, I knew we would create fun and different shapes with meaningful names.  The earrings we make are all named after bold, powerful, and inspiring women in our lives.  Each one has a story.  

B&B started with two amazing ladies, but about a year into business, one of the partners, Becky had to step away from B&B.  She was an integral part of this business starting and will forever be a part of this business.  Since then, Amy has continued building B&B Design Girls along with my family. 

This is how our earring shapes got their names ❤️ 
We hope you enjoy their stories and wear these handmade earrings knowing we are honoring these beautiful women! 

Jude - after Amy's aunt, Judy, who passed away just 1 week after starting this business. She would have cheered me on because her life was built around helping women become entrepreneurs! Miss you Jude!!

Sandy - After Amy's Mom who loves diamonds! She will probably never have one of our earrings in her ears, not because she doesn't love them, but because my Dad has gifted her diamonds since I can remember! She has helped me become who I am today!! Love you Mom!!

Addie - after Becky's Mom who passed away and loved jewelry. Becky misses her terribly but knows that her Mom would have been her biggest cheerleader! Wish I could have met the beautiful woman who raised my business partner!!

RoseLynn - a combination of Amy and Becky's middle names. 

Margie - Becky's Grandma who loved jewelry and clothing and of course.....Becky! She would have loved our earrings!!

Macy - named after Amy’s oldest daughter!  Her love for swimming prompted the earring shape, because when you hold it sideways it looks like a wave.  Macy, from the beginning, has been amazingly supportive of B&B and always offers a helping hand, whether it’s making earring cards, carding earrings when they’re done or stepping in and helping at vendor events!  She is always someone Amy can count on!!

Coco - Becky's Mother-in-Law who she loves dearly! She is like a Mom to Becky and raised a great son who Becky gets to calls her hubby!!

Lexi- named after Amy’s youngest daughter!  Through everything life has thrown at her, which is a lot, she has stood firm, been strong and always kept a very strong faith that she could make it through the situation!  This earring expresses simpleness, yet strength, just like Lexi Kay!

Grace, Hope, Joy, and Faith- come from the Grace, Hope, Joy, and Faith that we have received from our Lord Jesus Christ!  He has guided us throughout this entire journey and continues to do so!  We would be nothing without him!

Lily and Lucy - These are named after two very special little girls in Becky's life.  They are sweet, loving, and happy girls that light up her life.  Lucy is also her Godchild!  Blessings from above.

Thank You for visiting our website!!

Cheers to You!!

Amy Blaser
B&B Design Girls